Notice Re: MSA Compliance Process


Re:  MSA Compliance Process

Introduction and Scope

In its March 10, 2010 compliance and reliability workshop with stakeholders, the MSA communicated a “business as usual” approach to its new compliance role with respect to the Alberta Reliability Standards.  While the MSA intends to fulfill its mandate in this area using broadly the same enforcement approach as participants are familiar with in the MSA’s current enforcement role for ISO rules, the MSA’s intent going forward, is to place greater emphasis on proactive compliance practices.  Greater accountability for compliance by participants in the form of developing compliance programs and self reporting of compliance matters, is a basis for the MSA to extend greater forbearance with respect to non-compliance matters.

In the workshop, the MSA also communicated its intent to develop a compliance process document outlining the processes and procedures the MSA will follow on a go forward basis.

The attached “strawdog” is intended as a basis for a written stakeholder consultation to allow stakeholders an opportunity to provide input to the MSA.  All comments received will be duly considered in further revisions of the Compliance Process.  The objective of the consultative exercise is a final document to be posted as a subset of the MSA investigation procedures.

Proposed Schedule and Next Steps

The planned schedule for the Stakeholder Consultation process is attached.

Interested parties are asked to provide their written comments on the ‘Strawdog’ further to the above schedule.  All communications in this regard should be addressed to the MSA via email to  All written comments received will be posted to the MSA website in accordance with the MSA Stakeholder Consultation Process.

If you have comments or questions on any of the aspects described herein, please contact Doug Doll (, 403-233-6497).

Yours truly,

“Original Signed”

W.W. (Wayne) Silk
Deputy Administrator

Created: 4/23/2010