Notice Re: Evaluation of MSA Stakeholder Consultation Process

July 28, 2008


Re: Evaluation of Principles for Stakeholder Engagement, and a Common Framework for MSA Public Projects

On May 12, 2006 the MSA began working with Stakeholders to develop a defined Stakeholder Engagement Process.  Following two rounds of written comments from Stakeholders the MSA released its finalized ‘Principles for Stakeholder Engagement, and a Common Framework for MSA Public Projects’ (also known as the ‘Stakeholder Consultation Process’) on July 28, 2006.  At that time the MSA committed to carry out an evaluation following the completion of two projects that used the Stakeholder Consultation Process.

The Stakeholder Consultation Process was updated and re-published on January 15, 2008, to reflect small amendments arising from the enactment of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act and related other enactments.

The MSA has recently completed the second of two projects using its Stakeholder Consultation Process.  These are:

• MSA Investigation Procedures completed on April 4, 2008; and
• MSA Guideline - Intertie Conduct completed on July 14, 2008

The MSA Stakeholder Consultation Process notes that there is no prescribed process for related ‘Evaluation’ activities.  In this case the MSA has summarized its views with regard to the efficacy of the Stakeholder Consultation Process in meeting its intended goals (see Appendix A).  Overall, the MSA has been pleased with the way the process has worked and with the constructive way in which it has been able to engage Stakeholders.

The MSA invites comments on its views by August 18, 2008.  Comments should be in writing, and sent via email to: Any questions regarding this Evaluation process should be communicated in the same manner.

The MSA notes that any comments received will be published on its website.  The MSA will provide a formal response to any comments received by September 8, 2008.

If the MSA believes substantive changes are warranted to the existing Stakeholder Consultation Process, those proposed changes will be posted for further comment.  The MSA will inform market participants of any anticipated changes to the timelines noted above.

We appreciate your participation in these matters.

Yours truly,

“Original signed”

W.W. (Wayne) Silk
Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer
Market Surveillance Administrator

Created: 7/29/2008