Outage Report Update

May 19, 2005



RE: Outage Report Update

The MSA notice dated April 29 indicated that the improved outage reports would be available once some data quality issues were addressed.

In conjunction with the AESO and market participants, it was determined that some of the data quality issues were a result a technical issue that created an inconsistency between Total Declared Energy (TDE) submissions and energy market offers.   With further research it was identified that a small programming change to the Energy Trading System (ETS) would be appropriate to resolve the issue.  This modification is targeted to be accomplished near the end of June 2005.

In the interim, participants will continue to submit outage and derate information via emails to outage.scheduling@aeso.ca as well as through the ETS system entering TDE values in the appropriate manner.  The MSA wishes to thank participants for their cooperation in this effort and requires the dual submission of outage information to continue until further notice.

The MSA outage reports will continue to be published on the MSA website as normal until we are satisfied with the data quality and the automated charting tool performance.

The Trading Practices Guideline (TPG) will continue to be enforced throughout this period and disclosure of outage information should continue to be done prior to taking commercial action.

The MSA appreciates your assistance in this endeavor.

Yours truly,

“Original Signed”

Mike Nozdryn-Plotnicki
Manager, Market Monitoring