Notice to Market Participants - Strawdog Proposal

May 18, 2006


To: Market Participants

Re: Stakeholder Engagement – Principles and Process

As per our Notice of May 12, 2006 the MSA is issuing a


for stakeholder comment that covers the following issues:

1. Definition of explicit Principles for Stakeholder Engagement, which will guide the MSA’s approach to engaging market stakeholders whenever it addresses a public project.

2. Definition of a proposed Project Stage Framework for all public MSA projects that describes standard stages and their contents, standard communications at each stage, the status of MSA documents at the various stages, and the points and nature of engagement at these stages.

3. Translating the Framework into a specific Process for Developing MSA Guidelines, to both test the Framework and deliver an important process clarification for use going forward.

In keeping with the (Strawdog) Principles for Stakeholder Engagement relating to format and transparency, we require stakeholder input to be submitted in writing, preferably in electronic form, to . Stakeholder input is requested by June 1, 2006.  Input received will be posted publicly on the MSA website to encourage open debate.


The next formal communication from the MSA in respect of this project is planned to be at the conclusion of the “Draft” stage on June 8, 2006, when it will publish the draft versions of the Principles, Framework and Guideline Development process, together with the disposition of stakeholder feedback that was received.  Following the publishing of the draft(s) there will be a second opportunity for stakeholder input.


We welcome your involvement in these matters.


Yours truly,

“Original signed”

W. W. (Wayne) Silk

Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer

Market Surveillance Administrator