Notice to Interested Parties Re: Comment Matrix - Stakeholder Comments to the TPG/IDP and MSA Responses

March 31, 2004



The MSA has received extensive comments in relation to the Trading Practices Guideline (TPG) and Information Disclosure Procedure (IDP) initiatives.  The Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) sincerely appreciates feedback from stakeholders on these important matters.

The TPG and IDP reports indicated that communications between the MSA and market participants would constitute part of the public record on this matter.  In this regard, I can confirm that a copy of all correspondence received will be posted to the MSA website.  Other such correspondence will also be posted there.

MSA staff have collated the feedback received from market participants and created a comment matrix.  The comment matrix attempts to capture participant submissions accurately.  However, readers are encouraged to review the original submissions also.

The comment matrix also includes MSA responses on stakeholder comments.  In addition, the MSA will issue a letter which identifies, and addresses in appropriate detail, various key issues raised in comments received.  The comment matrix and related letter will be posted to the MSA website, imminently.  Interested readers may access the comment matrix by clicking on the following link:

Comment Matrix - March 31, 2004

The intent of posting the comment matrix is to inform all interested parties of the various comments made by market participants on these matters and to provide a mechanism for participants who wish to address comments made by another, for example.  The MSA encourages interested parties to submit comments, in this regard.
Given the approach described above, the MSA does not plan to respond on an individual basis to comments submitted by any specific party.  However, we believe that all comments will be adequately addressed.

The established timelines indicate that the Interim IDP will commence April 5th; comments on the proposed on-going IDP are requested to be submitted by April 30th.  Thus, communication around Interim IDP matters is seen to be more time sensitive.    As such, not all comments will receive our feedback immediately; for example, the longer term IDP matters will be addressed at a later date.  Please be assured that we will address all comments in due course.

Finally, I want to stress again that the MSA is open to continued dialogue on matters related to the IDP.  Please feel free to contact us as needed in this regard.

Thanks for your continued cooperation and assistance.


Yours truly,

"Original signed by"

Robert F. Spragins
Manager, Investigations
Market Surveillance Administrator