Notice: Stakeholder Engagement - Principles and Framework

July 28, 2006


To: Market Participants

Re: Stakeholder Engagement – Principles and Framework

As per our notice of July 18, 2006 the MSA is issuing a final report, entitled:

Principles for Stakeholder Engagement, and a Common Framework, for MSA Public Projects

This document has been finalized following the stage framework shown below.

Project Schedule

Response to specific stakeholder comments and amendments to the ‘Draft’
The MSA received two stakeholder comments on the ‘Draft’.  In reviewing the comments received the MSA is of the view that these have been addressed in the Appendix provided on June 23rd in response to the stakeholder comments received on the ‘Strawdog’.  After careful consideration of the new comments received we are not convinced further amendment to the ‘Draft’ is required.

One particular comment from EPCOR Utilities Inc. questioned whether it was possible to define principles when the MSA’s ‘mandate is not currently defined’.  The mandate of the MSA is set out in Section 49 of the Electric Utilities Act 2003 and we do not anticipate any changes to our mandate that would result in changes to the proposed Principles for Stakeholder Engagement.

Project Evaluation
This project is now complete.  In accordance with the final report, the MSA is committed to conducting evaluation activities once the Principles and Project Framework have seen practical application.  The MSA commits to undertaking this evaluation following the completion of two projects that use the public process and stage framework.

Announcement of MSA Public Projects
In accordance with the final ‘Principles for Stakeholder Engagement, and a Common Framework, for MSA Public Projects’ the MSA will provide notice to market participants that the MSA is planning the commencement of an MSA public project.  No specific public projects are planned at this time.

We welcome and appreciate your involvement in these matters.

Yours truly,

“Original signed”

W.W. (Wayne) Silk
Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer
Market Surveillance Administrator