Notice Re: Stakeholder Consultation Process - Revised MSA Investigation Procedures

February 6, 2008


Re: Stakeholder Consultation Process – Revised MSA Investigation Procedures

The Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) previously established and published the MSA Investigation Procedures, which are utilized in carrying out the mandate of the MSA.  The existing MSA Investigation Procedures can be found on the MSA website through the following link:

In light of new or amended enactments governing the MSA, including changes which have given additional responsibilities to the agency, the MSA is considering amendments to its MSA Investigation Procedures and is seeking to consult with stakeholders on the proposed amendments.  The MSA is therefore commencing a Stakeholder Consultation Process which will follow the model established by the MSA for its public projects – see Principles for Stakeholder Engagement, and a Common Framework, for MSA Public Projects, which can be found on the MSA website through the following link:

The MSA has produced a draft set of revised MSA Investigation Procedures.

In the parlance of the Stakeholder Consultation Process, the draft set of MSA Investigation Procedures is intended to be the ‘Strawdog’ upon which market participants and other interested parties are invited to provide their written comment.  Comments and suggestions regarding the project schedule and other aspects of this specific Stakeholder Consultation Process are also welcomed.

The MSA will post all written comments on its website, in furtherance of the consultation process.

Interested parties are asked to provide their written comments on the ‘Strawdog’ document by not later than February 20, 2008.  All communications in this regard should be addressed to the MSA via email to or by delivery to the address set out above.

The planned schedule for the Stakeholder Consultation Process will be set out at each stage, and will be amended/updated as relevant.  For clarity, the process is currently at the ‘Initiate’ stage.


We appreciate and look forward to your participation in this Stakeholder Consultation Process.

Yours truly,

“Original signed”

W.W. (Wayne) Silk
Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer
Market Surveillance Administrator

Created: 2/6/2008