Notice Re: MSA Receives First Reliability Standards Self-Report

May 5, 2010


Friday, April 30, 2010 the Market Surveillance Administrator received its first self-report and mitigation plan for non-compliance with an Alberta Reliability Standard.  Under the MSA’s ‘Self-Report Policy’, market participants have a high probability of forbearance provided that certain criteria are met.  The policy, announced at the MSA Compliance Workshop on March 10, 2010, is designed to reward and encourage market participants and the AESO for implementing effective internal procedures for identifying and pro-actively addressing compliance issues.

In the April 30 self-report, the market participant in question identified that its Vegetation Management Plan (FAC-003-AB-1) documentation did not strictly comply with the requirements set out in the standard.  However, it reported the initiation of a mitigation plan designed to bring it into full compliance by May 31, 2010.  At the same time as identifying the documentation deficiency, the market participant confirmed that all vegetation along its transmission lines complied with required clearance distances.

Doug Doll, MSA Senior Analyst in charge of compliance said: “The MSA’s Self-Report Policy is part of our effort to work cooperatively with participants to encourage good practices and compliance.”  He added “I am very pleased that this entity has responded so positively to addressing its reliability challenges.  Even if participants don’t qualify for full forbearance, self-reporting, puts them on the right track to effectively manage their issues.”

The MSA self-report forms for ISO rules matters and Reliability Standards matters are attached below together with other relevant standard forms.

ISO Rules Self Report Form

Reliability Standards Self Report Form

Mitigation Plan Submittal Form

Mitigation Plan Extension Request Form

Milestone Update Form

While these forms remain in draft as part of a current stakeholder consultation concerning the MSA Compliance Process, the MSA invites market participants to adopt these versions until conclusion of the consultation process.  Participants are encouraged to review the criteria for MSA forbearance described in the ‘Compliance Process Strawdog’ at pp. 8-9 <>

Created: 5/5/2010