Notice Re: MSA Draft Forms: ISO Rule Self Report and Notice of Specified Penalty

March 31, 2010


Re: Compliance Process

On March 10, 2010, the MSA held a Compliance and Reliability Workshop.  In this workshop, the MSA presented an update on its 2009 Compliance Review regarding procedural changes concerning rules enforcement, including the provision of a form for self reporting and for issuing Notices of Specified Penalty:

ISO Rules Self-Reporting Form 
Notice of Specified Penalty

The MSA is currently working on a process document for both ISO rules and Alberta Reliability Standards.  The above forms will be included in that document for formal stakeholder consultation.  If you have comments in the interim please send them to

Also noted in our March 10 workshop, as of April 1, 2010 self reports meeting the requirements as laid out in the MSA’s Compliance Review 2009 will have an increased probability of forbearance.

We appreciate your participation in these matters.

Yours truly,

“Original signed”

Matt Ayres
Chief Economist
Market Surveillance Administrator