Notice Re: MSA Code of Conduct


Re: MSA Code of Conduct

Consistent with the Vision, Mission and Values document found on the MSA website, we are making public the Code of Conduct which sets out requirements relating to the operations of the corporation and the conduct of employees.

MSA Code of Conduct

The standards set out in Code of Conduct are not new to the MSA organization.  As a publicly funded entity with significant legislated responsibilities, it has always been important to act in an honest, ethical and impartial manner.  Accordingly, such standards have formed part of the internal policies and procedures of the MSA since its inception.  What has changed is that the Code of Conduct document is being made public, giving additional assurance that the MSA carries out its mandate in a fair and responsible manner.  This is consistent with the transparency contemplated by the Alberta government in respect of all public agencies.

The MSA is proud of the approach taken by the organization and its employees, and we are happy to share it with interested parties.

We welcome any questions or comments in this regard.

Yours truly,

“Original Signed”

Harry Chandler
Market Surveillance Administrator

Created: 5/19/2010