Notice Re: Compliance Workshop Content

March 11, 2010


Re: Compliance Workshop Content

On March 10, 2010 the MSA held a Compliance and Reliability Workshop with Stakeholders.  The session included an industry panel on best practices which addressed compliance programs, specific compliance monitoring tools, and industry compliance groups.  The MSA presented an update on its 2009 Compliance Review regarding procedural changes concerning rules enforcement.  The MSA also presented its anticipated process concerning enforcement of Alberta Reliability Standards.  Presentation materials from the session can be found through the following links:

TransAlta Presentation

Maxim Power Presentation

MSA Presentation

The MSA solicited comments on its intended enforcement approach of Alberta Reliability Standards.  Stakeholders are encouraged to submit any comments or suggestions to

The MSA expects to publish a process document outlining its rules and reliability standards enforcement procedures later this month including standard form templates discussed in the session.


Matt Ayres
Chief Economist