Notice: Market Concentration Metrics - Stakeholder Feedback

December 14, 2006


NOTICE – Market Concentration Metrics: Stakeholder Feedback

To: Market Participants

As part of its general monitoring activities the MSA released a report on November 1, 2006 entitled ‘Market Concentration Metrics’.  The report invited feedback from participants on:

• other suggested metrics;
• whether existing metrics can be enhanced (e.g. would metrics be enhanced if generators provided information on long term capacity commitments);
• whether the accuracy of metrics would be significantly enhanced if the MSA requested data on control directly from participants; and,
• whether transparency would be well served if the MSA presented the details of its calculations and/or disclosed the actual market shares of each participant.
To date, comments have been received from two participants:

TransCanada Energy Ltd.

EPCOR Utilities Inc.

The MSA is still open to receiving feedback on this issue and its preference remains in receiving that feedback in a written form and that it may make that feedback public. The MSA is now expecting to update the analysis in the market concentration metrics report in the first half of 2007 and will respond to the suggestions of market participants at that time.  If you have comments or questions, feel free to call Mike Nozdryn-Plotnicki               (403) 705-8503         (403) 705-8503 (Email: or Matt Ayres               (403) 705-3182         (403) 705-3182 (Email:


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